Friday, February 6, 2009

Lvl 55-56 pvp gears for world of warcraft

by Adrian Borja

World of Warcraft

Hi all, I'm playing Wowscape World of warcraft private server for the past 2 years already. To be frank, I was already bored with max level(70) PVP since for some reason, having almost the same items doesn't excite me anymore so me and my uncle decided to make low lvl(55-56) characters to gear up and do PvP and assassinate players up to level 65(yes, its possible!!). And so it came, one by one, lvl 55-56 characters all were horde coz we are horde fanatics. Here is our gear listing in case you want to give it a shot. See you in wowscape!! :D btw, we are playing in the fun server, which is at times offline XD but still, its a great community especially at the time when the original staffs and GMs were still in place. Here's the gears, have fun raiding for them!!: 
Orc Warlock
This is for spellcasters(in my case, is a orc warlock)

Sunken Temple

- located just north east of Stonard in Swamp of Sorrows

Boss name - Loots

Avatar of Hakkar - featherskin drape, spire of hakkar, embrace of wind serpent
Shade of Eranikus - rod of corrosion
Mobs - soul catcher halo
Dreamscythe, Weaver, Morphaz, Hazzas - dawnspire cord
Jamalan the prophet - gloves of the atalai prophet, kilt of atalai orophet, vertments of atalai prophet

Blackrock Depths

- Located inside Black Rock mountain where you walk through the giant chains until you reach the bottom. The ancient city of Dark Iron Dwarves.
Area - Boss - Loot
Detention Block - High Interrogator Gerstahn - kentic amice
Halls of the Law - Lord Roccor - Mantle of Lost Hope
Halls of the Law - Houndmaster Grebar - Spritecaster Cape
Ring of Law - Okthor the Breaker - Banthok Sash, Cyclopean Band


- an ancient Troll stronghold located north west of Gadgetzan in Tanaris.
Witch Doctor Zumrah - Vexing Cane

Antusul - Life Blood Amulet

Shadowpriest Sezzziz - Bad Mojo Mask

Dire Maul

- an ancient site for gladiator Ogres who battle for fame and no honor, they just fight to the death, for their thirst of blood. Located in central Feralas, the virgin forest which was barely touched.

Lethtendris & Pimgib - Queldorai Channeling Rod, Lethtendris Wand, Pimgibs Collar
Alzzin Wildshaper - Whipvine Cord

Orc Rogue
 This is for rogue(not complete):

Lower Blackrock Spire

- located in Black Rock Mountain. Just go beyond where the summoning stone stands and climb upstairs killing mobs in the way. Its a bidirectional instance. When you go in and decided to descend, you're going to lower blackrock spire. When you choose to ascend, you're going to upper blackrock spire for character levels 60 and above.
Spirestone Lord Magus - Ogreseer Tower Boots, Orb of Dsak
War Master Voone - Kaysers Boots of Precision
Mor Grayhoog - Ironweave Belt
Halycon - Ironweave Bracers
Overlord Wyrmthalak

Note: For best, fast and efficient results, use your fully geared level 70 rogue character to bypass all the unnecessary mobs that are quiet annoying when you have to deal with them one by one.

Happy low-level PvPing!! :D