Saturday, July 3, 2010

What is the Difference Between Prophecy and Destiny

Have you ever wondered  if prophecy and destiny or fate are the same? This is one of those very critical questions that may hit our faith so hard if we aren't careful.

The Implication

What happens when you decide that prophecy and destiny are the same? It only means that you agree that the Bible and ultimately God contradicts Himself because clearly the Bible always talked about prophecies, but other readings suggest that Bible doesn't advocate destiny.

Because if there really is destiny, then you are saying that God is just making a fool out of us, that some people are born to be eradicated at Armageddon, while some are born to receive the reward of everlasting life. In short, it clearly tells us that God is unfair.

That is why, we should be very careful not to think this way because clearly, prophecy and destiny are not the same.

A Simple Answer

It would be better then to consider another explanation.

Here is mine:

Destiny is familiar. It is the belief that everything is predetermined and cannot be avoided, a fact that the Bible abhors. What is prophecy then?

Prophecy is simply God's vision of the future, with His ultimate wisdom, foresight, familiarity with everything in the universe, God simply saw what was going to happen based on the patterns of events only He can recognize.

It doesn't necessarily mean that the universe have strings already set within it that are scheduled to activate at some point in time. In fact, a prophesied event can simply be dishonored by a choice to another direction by the persons involved. But due to God's amazing foresight, he knows who to include within His prophesies knowing that the persons involved will surely fulfill the critical actions that would make the prophecies come true, just like what God's Son have proven, Jesus Christ.

Have a good day!