Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Complete Information About Zyl

by Adrian Borja

You never knew you were always with it. It always had your company when you go on parties, or to a beach, or basically just wherever you go in the morning. No, it's not your personal assistant, your guardian angel or your pet dog who's afraid of the dark. Actually, most of you're seeing right through it. What is it? It's your designer reading glasses of course! And now, we'll focus on the material that it is made of, Zyl or more commonly known as zylonite.

Zylonite Reviewed

First, what is Zyl? Zyl or zylonite which was first prepared in 1865 is also known as cellulose acetate, is a resin-based polymer plastic, more commonly known as synthetic fiber, and is mainly used for industrial applications. It's qualities makes it ideal for a physically durable yet light material requirement likes its use on the frames of most designer reading glasses. It is made from purified cellulose of wood pulps and cotton linters. Zylonite has many variations in grades depending on the use, or of the maker.

zyl cellulose acetate reading glasses

Some use of zyl or zylonite cellulose acetate is on sun glasses.

zyl or zylonite usage on plastic toys

Some zylonite are used for toys..

zyl plastic used on shatter proof tools

Zyl or zylonite is ideal for shatterproof applications including tools and visors.

zyl cellulose acetate os synthetic fiber usage on office desk equipments zyl cellulose acetate synthetic fiber use on bracers or bracelets zyl cellulose acetate used to make compact disc or cd
Some other uses of Zyl or zylonite synthetic fiber

Key Manufacturers of Zyl or zylonite Synthetic Fibers

Key Properties

Typical properties of cellulose acetate polymers include:

· Good toughness
· Deep gloss
· High transparency
· A feel that can be described as ‘natural’

Zyl or Zylonite's Drawbacks

As with any other synthetic fibers and resin-based polymers, Zyl's weakness is exposure to intense heat or proximity to fire. Although no color change will occur at these situations, the entire polymer will irreversibly disintegrate or deteriorate releasing acetic acid in the process making the material unusable or less reliable.

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