Monday, September 22, 2008

Mars 10000 BC

by Adrian Borja

Steel framed structures, concrete and iron composite super highways, electric towers, the environment is a monochrome by shades of grey and blue. Organic material was only found in laboratories. The scene is close to being Earth-like in the modern age of about year 2020, but this is planet Mars 10,000 B.C. A cybernetic civilization has flourished along and under the great river along its equator. Underground laboratories virtually became the 2nd layer under Mars’ crust one so massive that it created a bulge on the planet’s surface that it reached thousands of kilometers into the atmosphere. This laboratories probably produced and contained the most mysterious of all living things if these really are living, the creatures of the nether plane. The technology is so advanced and mind-boggling yet many things are quite familiar, even the planet’s codes are made in alphabet.

One thing is different, this world is biologically lifeless as drones and bots rule here. Nanobots swarm the atmosphere to regulate the temperature as Mars’ atmosphere is considerably thin. Earth at this time is primitive, single celled organisms proved no threat to Mars. But even robots can create feelings of rebellion, feelings of hate and the urge to destroy and dominate.

And so it came to pass that a small band of elite robots who have had access to root systems of the entire planet accidentally triggered the decomposition of the planet itself. The nanobots scouting the atmosphere lost their control of the temperature and let the planet heat up and the river begins to boil. It became too hot for the metal clad inhabitants that most of them didn’t make it, they simply died, decayed, and started to rust. While others made it to other planets, far from the solar system itself, scattered. Nether creatures from the undergrounds unleashed and many of them found their way to Earth and caused enough mutations to disturb the natural creation of the living.

To this day, these nether creatures have become what we know as the demons that can affect us as they have inhabited earth for far too long already. And Mars, have become nothing, reduced to dust, and rust.

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