Monday, September 22, 2008

Research Technologies

by Adrian Borja

Hi guys, this blog post serves only as a guide when you aim to research on a specific future technology that I’ll enumerate later. Im posting this coz at the moment, I dont have the resources and means to accomplish them myself. Any kind of espionage or theft of concept from me shall be considered as it is and shall be dealt with appropriately by my strike squads. I will just state the general idea or concept, and if u want the detailed description, just message me, so here they are:

1.) Invisible Suit/Armor - This technology is for humans but more preferably for vehicles. The concept is digital in nature. This ‘cloak field’ is for the prototype meant only to fool normal vision, I.E., human vision, however, it can be upgraded so it also evades radar. One component of this cloak field, a camera is already being made prototype by Adobe. To know more how this camera is applied for the invisible effect, just PM me. ^^

2.) Portable Electricity - When you were small, if you cut the wire of the electric fan that leads to the outlet, it tells you that the electric fan have just been cut off from electricity, and turns off. Now, that will be the thing of the past, without wires, things go live, not by batteries, not be solar panels, but by portable electricity. As of now, Intel had developed it already, its because they have funds. The idea is not original to them so let's hope that they not exploit the research's capability, it's for the benefit of all, not for greed.

3.) Telepathy/Radiopathy - Now, this research is Open Source, anyone can add their data for others to improve until it reaches completion. Now to start with, as for personal experience, I’ve found out that our brain transmits and receives a wide range of radio frequency that includes that of radio stations, but we do it involuntarily and we kind of do it all the time. Take this as an example, I’m humming a music in my head for a few minutes, then a moment after, I hear it on the radio on almost the same part of the song as I was playing it in my head. So maybe, my mind gets attuned to the music so that the music is suggested to be played, so involuntarily, my mind received the radio frequency. Another instance, I was playing a music in my mind, moments later, someone who was with me whistled the same music, but delayed by about 1 minute of the track of the music. This phenomenon happened a lot already, which I think, was I was actually transmitting radio frequency and she received it unknowingly, suggesting the playing of the same music. So that was the concept, apparently, it only applies to music, but there could be more to it.

4.) Project Eden - Now, this may sound far fetched research. In my own honest opinion, this project will not be accomplished within my lifetime, coz this is a massive undertaking and will probably take about 3 centuries or more. Well to start with, this research is open source. Meaning, anyone can contribute, fund, organize, etc about this topic. As an abstract: We will make a program that could help earth regain its vitality, the ozone layer, the greenhouse effects, etc, and when this project is upgraded, this can be used to make once unhabitable planets to become a habitable one. This theory lies in the concept of nanotechnology. Nanobots as small as air molecules will be developed. These nanobots synthesize good chemical compounds and break down harmful ones, these bots are light enough to become suspended in the air all the time, amassing on a specific altitude depending on their function. These will be mass produced, so our atmosphere will become rejuvenated in no time. Then this bots can be reproduced to be capable on navigating through alien atmosphere on an attempt to ‘domesticate’ their atmosphere over time,. Well, this is just a few of the first steps, more can be added, can be suggested, for the benefit of all. :)

5.) More to be added soon.. ^^

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